Birth of Karate: Gichin Funakoshi introduced the basic concept of Karate into Japan from Okinawa in 1916 and particularly since the 1960s. The popularity of has been increasing rapidly.

The earliest origins of Karate as we know it today are somewhat vague due to a lack of documentation. The traditional idea accepted by most authorities is that it started in India. A Buddhist Priest called in Chinese Daruma wished to take his particular sect of Budhism called, Zen to the Chinese as a missionary venture. It was not uncommon for itinerant Priest to able to fight, as they would frequently be in danger on their wanderings from wild animals as well as men. Even Gautama Buddha himself had been a warrior before he became the Buddha when he established Buddhism, he saw no contradiction in the idea of a man of peace and love also being skilful in Combat.

In Okinawa, Karate was practised secret for hundreds of years until 1901, then it was brought to light as a part of regular curriculum in the first Middle school of okinawa Master Anhou Itosu was the first Instructor. It was from this school that master Gichin Funakoshi acquired his training, and later in 1916, he introduced Karate to Japan. Master Funakoshi was the Pioneer of Karate in Japan and he spent the rest of his life popularising it there. Later following in his footsteps, other Karate masters from okinawa came to Japan. Rapidly Karate became widespread. and many Karate organisations were formed.

Old-Kai-Shien-Kan( also known as OKSK )was established in the year 1968. The teaching skill of the school is based on traditional karate. Our training skill was appreciated by many institutions. The school also provide special training on fitness, combat and self defence techniques.

Karate: - Karate is the form of striking art using punch, kick, knee and elbow strikes, throwing and open handed techniques.